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Plan management

Welcome to Femur Financial Services,
a place where our participants are our priority.

Femur Financial Services was founded to guide you effortlessly through the NDIS, ensuring you're fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to maximise your NDIS Plan's benefits.

As an accredited NDIS plan manager, Femur Financial Services is dedicated to offering proactive assistance, comprehensive information, and expert guidance.

Our services include handling all NDIS-related administrative tasks and managing invoice payments, freeing up your time to concentrate on what's truly important to you.

If you're contemplating a switch to plan management or seeking a new plan manager who provides additional value, Femur Financial Services is here to assist.

Joining Femur Financial Services is straightforward. It only takes a few simple steps to register for plan management with us. Simply fill out your details here, and we'll reach out to ensure a seamless transition.

At Femur Financial Services, we're committed to supporting you at every stage.

3 reasons why you will love us

You come first at Femur Financial Services

At Femur Financial Services our participants are at the heart of everything we do.

Our skilled plan managers, many of whom have personal experience with NDIS, are dedicated to assisting our members in fully utilising their NDIS Plans. We offer specialised advice and have answers to all your queries about the NDIS and its early childhood approach.

Whether you're new to the NDIS, considering a switch to plan management, or seeking a more supportive plan manager, Femur Financial Services is here to support you.

You come first
Enhanced Choice and Flexibility

We take on the NDIS administrative tasks and simplify the process for you.

Instead of the complexity of paying providers first and then requesting reimbursement if you self-manage, or being limited to only NDIS registered providers when Agency managed, we offer a straightforward solution.


Just have your providers send their invoices directly to us. This approach grants you absolute freedom to choose any provider, NDIS registered or not, ensuring you have the complete choice and control.

Choice and control
Empowering You with Knowledge

At Femur Financial Services, our commitment extends beyond just plan management.

We're dedicated to equipping our members with the essential tools and insights they need for a fulfilling NDIS journey. Our range of resources, including informative ebooks and comprehensive guides, are designed to deepen your understanding of the NDIS system.

We ensure that you have access to everything you need to make informed decisions about your NDIS plan.


Why plan management could be right for you

Choosing plan management for your NDIS Plan through Femur Financial Services brings a balance of autonomy and professional support.


Our Plan Management services give you the flexibility to direct your NDIS budget while we handle the intricacies of administration tasks, including bookkeeping, compliance with audits, and efficient budget management.

By partnering with Femur Financial Services, you gain access to a team of experts who are always ready to provide tailored advice and support, ensuring your plan aligns with your individual needs and goals.

Plan management

Efficient Invoice Handling

Count on us to efficiently manage, claim, and promptly settle your service providers' invoices on a daily basis.

Broad Provider Selection

Opt for services from both registered and unregistered providers, as per your preference, so you stay in control.

Expert Budget Management

Receive professional assistance in tracking and managing your NDIS funding and budget allocations.

Streamlined Invoice Tracking

Track and approve invoices, monitor real-time expenditures, and access monthly statements and balance updates with ease.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Enjoy a streamlined process with minimal paperwork.

Zero Additional Costs

Plan management costs are covered by the NDIS, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Flexible Plan Coverage

Tailor our services to either manage your entire NDIS Plan or just specific aspects, depending on your needs.

Supportive and Experienced Team

Benefit from our knowledgeable staff who are well-versed in NDIS intricacies, offering dedicated support and expert guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Initiating Plan Management with Femur Financial Services: What’s the Process?
    To integrate plan management within your NDIS Plan through Femur Financial Services, the process is seamless. All you need to do is express your preference for plan management either during your initial NDIS planning session or at a subsequent review. Additionally, you have the option to make this request at any stage between your NDIS plans by getting in touch with the NDIS or a local area coordinator. For any guidance or queries, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Femur Financial Services on 1300 077 477 – we’re ready to assist.
  • Locating Plan Management Details in My Current NDIS Plan
    In your existing NDIS Plan, plan management services are typically allocated under the section titled ‘Capacity Building – Improved Life Choices’.
  • Understanding the Costs of Plan Management Services
    You will not incur any additional fees for our plan management services. The NDIS designates separate funds in your plan specifically for plan management, ensuring there are no extra costs to you, and your other support funds remain unaffected.
  • Transitioning to Femur Financial Services from Another Plan Management Service
    Choosing Femur Financial Services as your new plan manager is flexible and can be done at any point during your current plan’s duration. There's no requirement to wait until your plan expires with your current plan manager. However, we do recommend, to review any required notice periods with your current plan manager. Notify your current plan manager that you wish to cease services with them and ask them to confirm what date your service bookings will be released.
  • Opting for a Mixed Approach: Self-Management and Plan Management
    Yes, it's possible to blend self-management with our plan management services, commonly referred to as a ‘combination plan’. This approach allows for a customised management style of your NDIS funds, which can be especially beneficial in scenarios such as managing multiple family members’ NDIS plans or desiring to reduce administrative responsibilities while self-managing.

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